Community Dharma

In Geneva

The objective of these classes is to encourage and support each other in keeping the path alive amidst the busyness of our daily lives.

Public: Everyone irrespective of meditation experience

Silent Retreats

Day-longs, weekends and longer 

Silent retreats are essential for deepening our understanding of the Dharma and for cultivating the essential qualities of the path.
Public: General public

Soulmaking Dharma

Soulmaking retreats by Catherine and Rob Burbea, Sangha gatherings, self-guided retreats

Rooted in the Buddha’s teaching of emptiness, ethics and meditative training, Soulmaking Dharma is emerging as one of the flowerings of the Dharma in our times. Soulmaking Dharma teachings rest upon practices of samatha, metta, emptiness, and the emotional/energy body.
Public: General Public

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