Monica Feldman PhD, MAS, MMAth

Monica trained in Mindfulness at the University of Bangor. Her approaches stem both from long term and deep personal practice with world renown teachers in the USA, UK and Switzerland over the past 10 years and from sound scientific foundations from The ETHZ (Switzerland) and University of Manchester (UK). Alongside her training in Mindfulness, she works in medical research with international biomedical organisations.

Monica is the co-founder and director of SIMPLE.

Facilitates: MBSR, MBCT for cancer, Mindfulness at the workplace

Boaz B. Feldman PgC, MSc

Boaz Feldman is a contemplative, a scientist, a psychologist and a trainer with an aspiration for worldwide positive change.

Trained in Mindfulness at Bangor University, Boaz works with integrative Mindful Leadership methodologies for corporate executives, teams an individuals such as at the Trinity College Dublin MBA programs and Organic Intelligence Institute. He is currently part of research programs for Mindfulness and compassion at the National Research Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva.

Boaz is the co-founder and CEO of SIMPLE.

Facilitates: NeuroSystemics Programs – CARE Training, Resiliency Communities, Masterclasses – Corporate Mindfulness, Mindfulness for  Lawyers & Mediators

Prof. Benoît Chappuis PhD

Benoît practices as a lawyer at the Geneva Barrister and teaches law at the  Universities of  Geneva and Fribourg as an associate professor. He was  chief barrister at the Geneva Bar Association and managing Partner for Lenz & Staehelin, Switzerland. He has been co-teaching meditation classes for lawyers and conflict resolution mediators for the last 5 years in canton Geneva and Vaud.

Co-facilitation: Corporate Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Lawyers & Mediators

Susana Jeque MPM, MArch

Susana supports SIMPLE as a project manager. Alongside her career as an architect, Susana is passionate about leading inspiring projects from inception to fruition. She has lived and worked in Africa, Latin America and Europe and traveled extensively in Asia to pursue sustainable development trainings as well as mindfulness and Yoga practice.