Mindful Leadership

Reach higher, Delve Deeper

Bridging personal/professional aspirations for greater inner coherence and depth performance. Mindfulness is a mental training, which supports the cultivation of somatic, socio-emotional and cognitive qualities for improved focus, decision-making, stress management and transformational leadership.
Public: CEO’s, executives and managers (individuals and teams)

Contemplaction for Lawyers

Practicing law with meaning, performance and resiliency

Traditional Mindfulness introductory practices with progressive integration of challenges in the practice of law.
Public: Lawyers of the Geneva and Vaud Barristers

Happy & Mindful at Work

Success makes one happy, but happiness is the key to success

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology combined for greater centredness, efficiency and resiliency.
Public: General Public

The Swiss Institute of Mindfulness offers events that support individual and team training opportunities. The Institute also provides individuals and organizations with customized offerings to fit their needs. All Institute workshops and offerings are designed to explore the intersection of mindfulness training and the qualities associated with leadership excellence. Our mindful leadership training affords individuals and organizations the opportunity to transform their leadership abilities and work environments into places of increased innovation, greater focus, improved productivity and engagement.

Just as we understand that there are innate capacities of our bodies that can be trained to make us more resilient, flexible and stronger, we now know from neuroscience research that there is universal training we can experience that can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacities. And, the good news is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or a gym membership. Presenting this training in the context of leading in today’s world is the work of the Mindful Leadership Program at the Swiss Institute of Mindfulness.

In our retreats and courses, we explore mindful leadership training as a way to strengthen and cultivate four hallmarks of leadership excellence-focus, clarity, creativity and compassion. The training, applicable to employees at all levels, is tailored to each organization and is grounded in neuroscience and the experiences of top business leaders. These offerings recognize the need to more fully develop the mind’s capabilities so that every employee can live his or her life with excellence, at work and at home.

“Everyday I wake up knowing that I will be confronted to a chaotic world. Without responding in a still and present way, I cannot help and lead my colleagues. For this, Mindfulness is key.”

Mark Bertolini, CEO, Aetna (USA) – Company listed in Fortune 50.