Le Swiss Institute of Mindfulness propose des formations basées sur la pleine conscience. Ces formations de haute qualité ont pour but d’activer les ressources des individus et de communautés. Son approche est centrée sur l’Excellence et l’engagement Eco-social.


Programme de réduction du stress par la méditation de pleine conscience

au centre Otium

avec Monica Feldman

16 October 2019 – séance d’orientation



Chez Simple, nous croyons au vieux proverbe «donne un poisson à un homme, il mangera un jour; apprends-lui à pêcher, il mangera toute sa vie». Choisissez votre approche pour trouver des solutions durables. Il y a un programme pour chaque besoin. Choisissez !

Les Essentiels










Simple visionne un monde d’êtres et communautés qui ont la puissance de délinéer et d’implémenter leur propre chemin vers un future durable et abondant.


Care of the Earth
Life economy
Focus on Solutions

Integrity in the means cultivates integrity in the fruit of our work.

Simple sets standards for mindfulness-based teaching and ensures integrity of all programs and courses. Furthermore, total transparency of it’s financial operations is paramount.


We wish that all, without exception, would have the opportunity to experience the benefits of our programs.

We recognize that it is our responsibility to make sure that the members of society that have not received unearned birth privileges have the same access to Simple trainings as those who have. In addition, those who have been born with unearned privileges take responsibility for sharing the benefits of such privileges.
That is why we strive to provide access to people from diverse backgrounds by creating the sliding scale artifact which enables the most privileged to share their resources.

Care of the Earth

We take active steps towards acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to live a life of qualitative abundance within the quantitative limits offered by the Earth’s life system.

Like people, organisations demonstrate their value systems by how they spend money. Hence, we engage in a specific money spending scheme which guarantees coherence with our value of earth-care: 10% of all revenue from program fees is donated directly to a selected number of socially or environmentally engaged organisations.


We live in a world of interconnectedness where we cannot separate our individual well being from that of all other beings.

This is why all programs at Simple involve establishing relationships between participants and between professionals based on mutual support and cooperation for the common growth. We also cooperate with other organizations and communities tying close relationships of solidarity.

Life economy

Simple makes all efforts to develop it’s activities within a life promoting economic model.

It reconstructs networks of local and regional self-reliance by using local labor and local products as much as possible as well as international products from sustainable and fair trade sources. We also participate cooperatively in life-producing and life-sustaining activities of other organizations.

Focus on Solutions

At Simple we choose to be solution oriented.

Because we believe that what we attend to, we become – we ultimately become that which we most deeply focus our attention upon. Therefore, we focus on wisdom, compassion and kindness and on the causes and conditions for these to manifest in ourselves, in our work and in the world.



1. We offer a thorough selection of high quality Mindfulness-based programs delivered by rigorously certified trainers.

2. All trainers are committed to continuous personal development and innovation.

3. We create inspirational meetings, conferences and trainings to foster community building and support state of the art professional development.

Eco-social engagement.

1. 10% of all course revenues are redistributed to socially or environmentally active organisations.

See Simple Initiatives

2. All trainers create partnerships and strengthen alliances with like-minded socially responsible organisations.

3. Each course program offers a sliding scale for course fees.