Mindful Eating

Reconnecting with our bodies and enjoying food by exploring the richness of mindful eating. Engaging in more fulfilling lifestyles by regaining control and changing eating habits. This program integrates mindful practices with the science behind eating habits.
Public: General Public

Do you experience

  • sugar addiction?
  • feeling stuck and unable to loose weight?
  • loosing weight but then regaining it a few months later?
  • difficulty in sticking with healthy eating habits?

Then this program may help you regain freedom and change your relationship with food and eating.

“Happiness is a choice, not an automatic response.
You cannot choose what happens,
but with Mindfulness you can choose how to respond.”
Adapted from Mildred V. Barthel

We investigate our emotional landscapes and eating by using experiential exercises and group activities.

Through specific practices, participants will find inspiration and tools to support them in engaging in more fulfilling lifestyles.

Learning the scientific basis of eating habits, coupled with concrete mindfulness skills will help you to regain control over your eating. Particular emphasis is made in creating a safe environment of exploration for trying out and applying the tools of your choice at your convenience and pace.

Learn about:

  • How to work with cravings
  • How to use mindfulness when you eat
  • Goals and staying on track when you slip up

Training Activities

Training sessions will cover the personal mindfulness learning, consisting of :

  • experiential practices,
  • scientific background related to eating habits and
  • group exercises.

They will include different types of silent practice sessions and a day-long intensive session. To support your learning, special considerations are made to establish a sense of safety.


  • Group sessions: 8 weekly sessions of 2 to 2.5h each
  • Day-long session: 1 full day
  • Follow-up sessions: 2 sessions following the 8 weeks period


  • An easy-to-use manual & exercises
  • A wide range of guided Mindfulness practice recordings